Concentrate and Fruit puree

Almost all known drying techniques are practised in our company. From classic spray drying to the modern and extremely product-protective technology of vacuum drying. These technologies allow us to convert respective fruits into powdered form, according to their individual characteristics. Our primary goal in the drying process is to preserve the molecular structure, nutrients, colour and taste of the raw ingredients. Carriers are undesired and added only if essential, so that whenever possible, only the dried raw material remains.
Our state-of-the-art facilities are fully equipped with several spray and vacuum dryers, and are scalable to manage industrial volumes. We have invested in progressive technologies such as freeze drying, infrared drying and microwave vacuum drying. Once dried, the materials are broken down into custom sizes, ranging from fine powders to coarse granules. We know which type of drying and which degree of fineness is suitable for your needs, and would be happy to advise you further.
The packaging used for our purees and concentrates ranges from 5kg bag-in-boxes to 1,250kg IBC containers. Our powders are wrapped in either paper or PP bags and packed in 25kg cartons with a PE inliner. We can easily accommodate custom packing requests depending on your requirements.

List Of Fruit Concentrates & Powders

Apricot Concentrate

Fig Concentrate

Cherry Concentrate

Peach Concentrate

Pomegranate Concentrate

Barberry Concentrate

Plum Concentrate

Shiraz lemon Concentrate

lemon Concentrate

Melon Concentrate

Kiwi Concentrate

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